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Trenches supporting walls

SBH alumīniju sērija

SBH aluminum series

SBH aluminum trench retaining walls is the best solution for small communication construction sites._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf9054-8cc7054-2 people can move all elements of the complete set. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_meters high set installation and disassembly can be done with a mini excavator.

Main parameters:

Length:1.53 m

Height:0.62.4 m

Width:0.782.38 m

Plate thickness:60 mm

Durability:1732 kN/m2

Package weight:95825 kg

SBH BOX sērija

SBH BOX series

SBH BOX is a group of standard trench retaining walls, which includes three main series – BOX300 and BOX6050.

Main parameters:

Length:23.5 m

Height:24 m

Width:1.114.48 m

Plate thickness:60127 mm

Durability:3892 kN/m2

Package weight:starting from 920 kg

SBH lineārā sērija

SBH linear series

SBH linear trench retaining wall group is designed for especially wide and deep trenches. Thanks to the adjustable height of spouts and the construction of the formwork, the free clearance height under the spouts is up to 5 m.

Main parameters:

Length:26 m

Height:up to 11.60 m

Width:1.689.31 m

Plate thickness:107130 mm

Durability:36158 kN/m2

Package weight:starting from 7000 kg

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